Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 175 – Sisterhood


“Who needs blood when friendship is true sisterhood.”


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Friendship #sisterfromanothermister

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Thanks, Spidey!

He made use my own quote today as a cause for consideration.

That’s because yesterday I went and spent time with my dear best friend, celebrating her baby’s first birthday. It was a wonderful day, and even though we can’t be with each other as much as we’d like, we have one of those friendships where you can not speak for months, and still pick up exactly where we left off.

I am blessed with a brother, but no sister.

She is the closest person to a sister to me, despite having three of her own. We may be from different faiths, and families, but I always think our friendship shows that sisterhood truly extends beyond the boundaries of blood.

Isn’t she a beauty?

And I have been blessed to have other friends that mean the world to me…

Take my Tootie Frooties… Those girls have been my saviours at times, wives and mothers from this area I live in, all going through the same things. My sisters from other misters.

And my blog sisters, who mean so much, being my champions in all things creative, and giving me the guts to continue with my writing… Erica, Judy, Willow, Colleen, Annette, Sacha, Lucy, Shelley, Sally, Sophie, Charli, Jennie … you all know who you are… there are so many more of you…

Take the time to celebrate your friendships, both off and online. They are the family you chose yourself ❤

Happy Sunday!

The Buzz to my Woody

“You’ve got a friend in me.” 🎶

It wouldn’t be right for me to omit posting about someone who has been a key part of my life for over 20 years.
There are a lot of people in my life who hold great importance for me, with in the family , and in my friend circle, but we all usually have that one person that stands out.
She’s my best friend, my partner in crime, my sounding board, the sister I never had…
We met on the first day of university, and to this day she tells anyone who asks how we met, that I chatted her up by the pigeon holes! Two shy girls, away from home for the first time (well I was away, she was commuting initially!) great big world out there, new experiences to be had, scary lectures in HUGE lecture halls!
We were two of a handful of brown faces at the first course meet, and though I had always studied in a white majority, we seemed to gravitate towards each other. Our initial conversations weren’t going to be about social life, bars, getting drunk, and hangovers etc, they were more, where are you from, first time away, the nervousness of this new situation.
It was love at first sight 💗
And also, for some of our university life, one fraught with certain stigmas. You see, I am Sikh, and she is Muslim…SHOCK HORROR!!!
The amount of people who found this a strange thing, that my best friend was Muslim, was astounding. There has always been conflicts within our religions histories, and it still used to rear its ugly head around us at university, the Punjabi Society and the Islamic Society taking up residence in opposite corners of the Refec, staring each other out over the sea of heads in the canteen, regularly.
But, hey, I don’t ask for someone’s CV before chatting to them, remember, with me, all it takes is eye contact to start up a conversation!
We instantly clicked, and there was a bond forged then that grew stronger and stronger over the years. Eventually she moved out too and for the best part of 4 years we lived together in various hovels, oops, I mean student houses.

Yup, I was Woody, she was Buzz!

Her family let me into their fold with open arms, as did mine to her, so I have a whole other alternative family who I love very much too!
She was there for me throughout so many new experiences, from love lives to social lives, studying to surviving.
Through Uni, graduating, first jobs, my wedding, my conceiving struggles, my becoming a mum, all those important times, and the unimportant ones, she’s there, my rock.
She’s had her own share of personal ups and downs, and I’ve tried to be there for her, in the same way too. Though I never feel I can do half of what she has done for me…
But there is something so special about this woman, and I know others will echo this sentiment. No matter what or where, if you need support, she’s there, for us all. She’s kept in touch with so many folk, where many times, life means you no longer have time for everyone.
We hardly get to meet nowadays, due to life, but are always in each others hearts. A phone call after ages feels like we just spoke yesterday.
She’s been my constant for over two decades, and nothing I can say can really explain her importance in my life…
She just is…
Thank you for being you Buzz, I love you so much! Xxxxxxx

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