Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 179


“Just because you’re happy doesn’t mean the day is perfect, it means you’ve looked beyond it’s imperfections.”

Bob Marley

Thanks, Spidey.

Isn’t this a great thought to ponder upon?

I hope you have a perfect day too. 🙂

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps ❤

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 178


“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.”

Desmond Tutu

Thanks, Spidey.

After the particularly harrowing week we had with Pops, this quote couldn’t ring truer.

It’s always been a struggle being three hours away from my parents, being so emotionally close to them.

And it’s always been one of my biggest fears too, one of them falling ill, and me not being able to do anything, immediately. My brother being in another country doesn’t help either.

But here is where the beauty of having a large, close-knit family comes into play.

My parents have, over the years done SO MUCH for everyone, that when they are in need, there is no shortage of people offering their support.

Even so, not everyone can commit to a long term solution.

When Pops was ill, he stayed with his niece, my cousin.

Whilst I couldn’t come down, I was given regular updates on his health. Even after the major hospital stay, once I had to come home, I received calls and messages to let me know how he was.

When I came to spend days with him, I stayed with them too. No one wanted me to be alone at Pops and Mums place.

And now, since he needs a lot of rest and recuperation, they have taken him in again, until I can come down more long-term in the holidays.

I was with him again yesterday, and he’s tired… lots of well wishers on the phone and visitors, but he’s comfortable.

My cousin and her family are really looking after him.

They really are a gift from God to us.

Pray for his speedy recovery, Peeps.

Have a peaceful Sunday ❤

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 177


“Parents act so strong for us, that we often forget how fragile they are.”


Thanks, Spidey.

Writing this knowing that Pops is back in hospital after another relapse, and possible infection.

I wanted to go and see him yesterday, but he convinced me he was okay, and under the care of my cousin. There would be nowhere to stay, and it would be a long round trip journey to complete in one day, especially in this heat.

I had reassuring calls from him and my cousins. It was decided that I would go next weekend instead.

Then, at 8:45pm last night I get a call…

They’ve had to take him into A & E again, because the pains were getting bad again.

I am grateful he had been there, at their house. Goodness knows what he would have done if he was at home, alone.

He sounded pretty down again when I spoke to him, but he was on an IV drip, the antibiotics getting ready to kick in.

They’ll be keeping him in under observation for at least 24 hours.

I want to go today.

He tells me, no.

He’s in the hospital, I won’t get to be with him much. Everyone else is there.

I know that.

But it’s a double-edged sword…

I worry about him, and need reassurance myself. I know I am getting calls and updates, but it’s not the same.

Equally, if I was to set off early tomorrow to see him, then drive back the same day, he would worry about me. It was on a journey back from home that my awful accident happened…

I know my mum. She is probably beside herself too, but staying as calm as she can. She really can’t get here, being in Finland.

Still in the throes of deciding what to do… Hubby Dearest is ready to take me as and when I want.

Pray for his speedy recovery, Peeps.

Have a peaceful Sunday ❤

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 176


“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilerating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.”

John Ruskin

Thanks, Spidey!

Something to ponder upon, as we are experiencing a mini heatwave here in the UK. Some areas are getting repeated wildfires, the water is drying up. There is talk of hosepipe bans, and warning us to try not to have a bath, but shower instead – there may be a water shortage. And oh, the heat! Sleepless nights, afternoons that really require siestas, because it’s too hot, but we can’t because we have to work…

A few short weeks ago we were lamenting the cold winds, previous to that the one week of snow was just too much for us. And rain. Well, better not talk about the rain and Britain! It’s always around the corner, but never at the right time for us.

There is always someone complaining about the weather, but reading the quote above made me think. It’s like that old adage; Every cloud has a silver lining.

There is something positive to be taken from all the weather we experience, and though heat is not my best friend, generally the world is easier to deal with when it’s sunny. It’ll cool down soon enough, then we’ll start getting tetchy with the lower temperatures!

So, before you begin to moan about the heat, think of all it gives us, and relish our British Indian summer, for as long as it lasts!

Happy Sunday!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 175 – Sisterhood


“Who needs blood when friendship is true sisterhood.”


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Friendship #sisterfromanothermister

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Thanks, Spidey!

He made use my own quote today as a cause for consideration.

That’s because yesterday I went and spent time with my dear best friend, celebrating her baby’s first birthday. It was a wonderful day, and even though we can’t be with each other as much as we’d like, we have one of those friendships where you can not speak for months, and still pick up exactly where we left off.

I am blessed with a brother, but no sister.

She is the closest person to a sister to me, despite having three of her own. We may be from different faiths, and families, but I always think our friendship shows that sisterhood truly extends beyond the boundaries of blood.

Isn’t she a beauty?

And I have been blessed to have other friends that mean the world to me…

Take my Tootie Frooties… Those girls have been my saviours at times, wives and mothers from this area I live in, all going through the same things. My sisters from other misters.

And my blog sisters, who mean so much, being my champions in all things creative, and giving me the guts to continue with my writing… Erica, Judy, Willow, Colleen, Annette, Sacha, Lucy, Shelley, Sally, Sophie, Charli, Jennie … you all know who you are… there are so many more of you…

Take the time to celebrate your friendships, both off and online. They are the family you chose yourself ❤

Happy Sunday!

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