#WritePhoto – Transition

Sue’s #WritePhoto prompt:

Clearing That Blockage

Mind gazes
Outside to light
Slowly the haze lifts
Ideas begin to
Gather within my thoughts and
My fingers itch to write them down
Transitioning from pure writers block
To a well of sheer creativity

Ritu 2019

Finish The Story 2 – @Tanmay_and_Jain @darling_sascha – Writers Block

Sascha Darlington has set the first prompt, for which I have been selected as the first responder!

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Prompt – A non-risk-taking writer has writer’s block, so they decide to do something they’ve never done before to inspire them.

Writer’s Block

So, here I am.
Standing on the edge of the world.
Well, it feels like the edge of the world, but really, it’s just a very steep drop off a cliff.
What am I doing, standing here?
I’m afraid of heights…
And I thought I’d face my fear.
They say that if you find yourself stuck, at a dead end, creatively, that you should do something totally different. You know, outside of your comfort zone.
I’ve never had that problem before.
Usually, my fingers fly across the keyboard.
Stories just come to me.
But for the first time, I was up against a brick wall.
No ideas, no bursts of inspiration.
So, here I am, tentatively looking over the precipice.
It all looks rather small down there.
Very far away.
Got to take care not to lean too far over.
My insides are churning.
I can feel my breathing getting more and more shallow.
If I just focus on something…
I see movement in the bushes below. Something causing a ripple in the greenery that sweeps the ground beneath my gaze.
What could it be?
Slowly the wheels start turning as inspiration seeps inside my mind.
Ideas start to fizz and pop in my brain.
Stories, plots, characters…
They were right, you know.
Sometimes you just need to push yourself, and the block will disappear…

Ritu 2019

Sascha is a tech writer and creative writer at Sascha Darlington’s Microcosm Explored. You can find her on Twitter here.
This challenge has been set by Tanmay Jain of Bookinton Blog.

The Four Stages – #Poetry #Inspired

After a wonderful review of my poetry book, Poetic RITUals, Lucy Mitchell, of BlondeWriteMore blog fame (she is too funny, you must follow her!) she mentioned to me that she had been searching for inspiring pietry aimed at writers and creative types… words that may inspire and help nudge you through the tough writerly moments we go through…

ISn’t that just wonderful? ❤

Now, I can’t magic up a whole book but it got me thinking, and I penned a little Etheree quartet, dedicated to my fave Blonde, Lucy, and all the writers out there!

The Four Stages

Right now
The need to type
I feel them coming
Ideas multiply
Fingers fly across the keys
Story seeds blossom into trees
A book the world will all want to read
Thousands of words reaching a crescendo
It’s gone
I’ve lost it
My story thread
No ideas flow
Inspiration has run dry
All my dreams come crashing down
I’ll never be a best seller
Should I delete the whole sorry lot?
No one will ever want to read this stuff
Just maybe
I can do this
My book could happen
Someone might just like it
Plot twists thicken in my mind
Endings start to come together
Put the book down; get the keyboard out
It’s time to make my book dream come to life
Typing fast
Renewed vigour
Finish is in sight
I almost can’t keep up
Words tumble onto my screen
Loose ends seem to come together
Tying up the story completely
Breathe… and finally type those words… ‘The End’
  Ritu 2019
There is my inspiration for this verse… Lovely Lucy, alongside my dear friend, His Geoffleship!

RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #245 Easy&Ride

Ron’s Haiku Prompt:

Easy & Ride

Writing, Writer, Notes, Pen, Notebook
Pixabay Image
Really not easy
Riding that writerly horse
Keep on falling off.

Ritu 2019

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