Eating Out Of My Hand – Literally! #HeerAnd Ranjha #MondayBlogs

We’ve completed a week with our two feathered additions, Heer and Ranjha the parrotlets, to the family.

It’s been a time of adjusting and change for all.

As a cat, Sonu Singh is intrigued, but can’t work out why he can’t play with them!


The kids just want them to come out of the cage and perform tricks, or miraculously start speaking – the concept of settling, then training seems to be alien!

Hubby Dearest and I are busy, cleaning the cage regularly, and spending time talking to them. They are too scared for us to get too close yet.

Well, they were… But we had a great breakthrough the other day.

I placed my hand inside the cage and both of them flew onto my hand to eat!

They have, since, done the same on both the kids hands too, and this means they are suddenly more interesting to them. Now they fight to feed them, and I have to stop them from overfeeding the wrong seeds!

Sonu Singh watches…


Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 135


“When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I see a soul.” AD Williams

Thanks for this one Spidey!

It fits in with the fact that our family has just increased by two new beings, and four new feet/claws!

The intention was not to go and buy a new pet(s) but seeing those two feathery beauties yesterday, I felt a connection straight away.

The parrotlets, Heer and Ranjha, who have now joined our menagerie, were sat on a perch surrounded by squalking budgies, canaries and zebra finches. They groomed each other, and snuggled up together, flying around a little then settling down, quietly ‘talking’ to one another.

One look at them and I felt a connection.

We went away, and something pulled us to come back.

The next thing, they were in the car with us on the way home!

It was the same with Hubby Dearest and Sonu Singh, our furbaby… even though he wasn’t really a ‘cat-person’, something clicked when he saw the photo of this ginger kitten, and he just had to bring him ‘home’!

Like he became my third child, I can already feel these two becoming my feathered offspring too!

Right, I’d better go and check the cage, Sonu has been rather interested in his feathered siblings…




Have a great Sunday Peeps!


Meet The New Additions To Our Family!

We went out today to get some issues with hardware sorted. One Kindle Fire had broken, and one iPad was not switching on. My darling Hubby Dearest has the gift of the gab and can usually get what he’s after!

We also needed to buy football boots for Lil Princess who is starting football training this week.

Never thought we’d come home with two additions that were alive, rather than two new electrical devices!


What could it be?!

Meet Heer (the blue girl) and Ranhja (the green boy), our two new parrotlets!  They are six months old and pretty much fully grown.

And what of our fur-baby Sonu Singh?


Sonu Singh thinks I’m his bed!


Well, he was intrigued! What were these funny little flying things that were chirruping away?


What’s going on??

He came over to take a closer look too…


Who ARE you!?

I tried to get the phone into the cage for a closer look… and he was there in the background too!


I can see you…

They are pretty little things, a fledgling couple who could, if we decide to, us a nest box to mate and lay eggs!

How did we end up with them?

Well, we popped into a pet shop that just caught our eye as we wandered around the shopping centre, and the next thing you know, I saw these two, and they just melted my heart. They aren’t too big, the size of budgies, and they were cuddled up together in a perch.

I fell in love.

And Hubby Dearest took full advantage of my soft spot! If he had his way we;d have dogs, rabbits, a tortoise, chickens, a full menagerie!

So, after walking around the shops we ended up back there and left a bit financially lighter, but fuller in the family way!

Here they are, settling in to their new home!

Now to the names… Why Heer and Ranjha?

Well, like Sonu Singh got his Punjabi name, living in a Punjabi family, I needed an ethnic pairing for these two too!

Love stories always seem so tragic in our culture, and there is a story of Heer Ranjha. Heer a girl from a rich family, and Ranjha a son of a farmer, fall in love, and like Romeo and Juliet, they die trying to keep their love alive.

Image result for heer ranjha

Heer Ranhja

Here’s hoping the tragic ending is not synonymous to the names!

But don’t worry, we won’t be forgetting Sonu Singh, he’ll still be on my bed every night commanding attention!


Naughty cat, sticking his tongue out!

And FYI, we got the football boots, a refund for the Kindle… the iPad is a To Be Continued saga!

I’ll keep you posted on the continuing saga of our furry/feathered family Peeps!

Poor Lil (Big) Fishy!

A few years back, we used to have a fish tank. Two actually.

A cold water tank with goldfish and a tropical tank which we actually inherited from Hubby Dearest’s cousins.

It was so soothing to sit and watch them swimming around, but slowly, the work of looking after two tanks, a furbaby and the family took its toll.

The goldfish died and I secreted the tank in the shed.

The tropical tank became like a ghost tank, as, rather than replace each tragedy that was inevitable in fish tanks, we let it run down until it was finally empty…

But we missed the fish.

Hubby Dearest would love to get his parents more involved in looking after Sonu Singh or even getting a cat or dog themselves, but they are so not interested!

So one day he picked up the old goldfish tank, and set it up in their house, complete with two ornamental goldfish. One white and one golden.

Mum in Law was not best pleased, but she took to the looking after routine and was happy to have something little to look after, and the kids loved to feed the fish and watch them swimming around.

They have never been given names, though!

Today, it struck me how much Mum actually loves those fish.

We spent the evening with them, and after a time mum asked me to check the fish. The big one, the white one, was spending increasing time laying at the bottom of the tank, and the gold one would apparently go and check on it after a while, sometimes even laying on it.

I hate to say it but it looks like time is running out for Big White… It looks like old age, and possibly too much food has finally caught up with him…

When we first got him, he would chase the other fish, and eat all the food before Goldy got a chance. Now, three years later, that same Goldy is checking up on his old friend…


It seems to me that we will have to find a replacement for Big White… Mum is so concerned, it is touching to see.

But I don’t think that she has been convinced to get another baby of the four-legged furry kind!

Impromptu Day Trip!

As you may have seen, I have been busy on my exercise bike, this evening, pedalling away furiously, even in all this heat, as I may have overindulged a little today!

It all started quite normally.

A leisurely wake up, appreciating the last few days of the school holidays, and a late breakfast.  Followed by reading of posts, and reading on my Kindle, lounging on the sofa, as you do.

Then Hubby Dearest came and asked what we wanted to do today.

While we were sorting the children’s rooms out, we hadn’t had a chance to take them anywhere fun, and the holidays are coming to a close soon enough, so we thought we could pop out for the afternoon.

The kids wanted a trip to the swimming pool, or the paddling pool out, Lil man wanted to go to the Cricket nets (a real fun family day!) but Hubby Dearest suggested visiting a Dog Home!

No, don’t get all excited, we haven’t come home with a Punjabi mutt to match Sonu Singh!

Hubby Dearest would love a dog dearly, but right now it doesn’t feel right. It would be unfair on a new pet to be settling in, and we are all back at school/work, but the children do love animals too, and they are always asking why the local pet shops don’t have cats and dogs.

We could have been sensible and found a place to visit that was in Kent, but we decided to go to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, in London!

So after lunch, we got into the car and off we went!

It was 2pm so we had two hours to at least get there, and we aren’t far from London…but there is always traffic! And don’t forget the heat! The AC decided to choose today to play up, and even with windows down, we were hot and bothered!

Lil Man was quite excited to pass The Oval Cricket ground on the way too!


At 3.30pm we pulled into a parking space conveniently close by, and paid for an hour’s parking (£2.50! Exhorbitant!) And our little adventure began…We had around an hour to go and visit both the Cats and Dogs.


Image from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home Website


I was not allowed to take photos inside, but oh, the little faces on the animals there! I think, if we were a little softer, and had we been there a tad longer, we would have been registering ourselves as a rehoming family… and would have ended up with at least 2 dogs and 3 more cats!

The kids where in their element!

They were flabberghasted at the fact that these animals needed homes. I think it was a good life lesson, taking them there, to see that you can’t make certain decisions light heartedly. So many of these animals were left there by people who couldn’t cope… And how stressful for the pet, who is used to their home, and then ends up in a pen, with all these strangers, however nice, looking after them.

We managed to drag ourselves away from there, just about and set off home, at around 4.30pm. And the wonderful bit of technology we call the Sat Nav decided to take us on a scenic route, all the way through the Centre of London!

Past the Houses of Parliament, the Shard and some intriguing ‘men’ climbing up a wall holding instruments!

It was 6.30pm and we had only got as far as Greenwich, near the O2, due to crazy traffic, so Hubby Dearest made a good call to stop there for dinner.


So glad to be out of the sweatbox, I mean car!

We went to Jimmy World Grill and Bar. It’s a huge World Buffet restaurant with Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican and American cuisine… hence the manic cycling when we got back!


That’s how much I ate… oops!

And after eating we needed to get back to our real furbaby Sonu Singh, who had been waiting at home patiently…

But I had to take this photo of the masks on display in the restaurant!


I love a good mask!

The sky was starting to get a little duller, and as we walked to the car, Lil Princess spotted the Canary Wharf skyline.. “Look, Daddy! There’s your old work!” Hubby Dearest looked over wistfully… I think even though working from home is a wonderful thing, he is missing life in London too!

(Oh, and £6 parking for 2 hours!What is it with London and crazy parking fees?!)


Canary Wharf

And now we are home, the children are asleep, possibly dreaming of new pets, and they have already mentioned going to the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home branch they ahve in Brands Hatch, closer to us, tomorrow!

But I would hate for our lil furbaby to think we are forgetting him…

Sonu Singh, we love you lots and lots, and you’ll always be our favourite kitty!





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