#ThursdayThoughts – Mentally Strong

This came up on my Pinterest feed this morning..

Thing stong people do !!

It really resonated.

Where I have been feeling rather low about some things recently, it reminded me that I do EVERY one of those things, and that makes me STRONG.

Have a wonderful Thursday Peeps, and stay STRONG!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 83


“Keep looking up… That’s the secret of life!” – Snoopy

Who’da thunk it? We found wisdom in the words from a dog this week!

I gotta say this Snoopy quote kinda encapsulates everything that I base my thinking in general on.

You have to believe that there is better to come. If you look up, think positive, then positive things will come to you, and you will stay serene yourself!

I know things are not always easy, heck sometimes they are so bad, you think you will never be able to look up, so scared are you of stepping in another pile of sh*t, but you need to believe that the path before you will clear.

Have faith in what is to come.

I have always been taught to believe that He will only throw what you can handle at you, so if things are looking really bad, that means that He thinks you are strong enough to handle it and come out the other side smelling of roses.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and hey, we are all still here, arent we!

Stay positive Peeps and have a wonderful Sunday!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 72


“Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams.” – Unknown

Spidey saw this quote and showed it to me, and you know what? It totally suits today, for my Lil Man at least!

A few months back, I had posted about his worries and problems, regarding all the assessment that children his age were (and still are) being subjected to. He was at an all time low. Being pushed beyond his limits was breaking him, and I couldn’t see him like that. On top of that, despite being a cracking little footy player, he was being overlooked, because of his size, in the team he trains with. His confidence was at an all time low. Then there was the worry about which Secondary School he would get a place at. Stress was everywhere.

But something happened.

Things became positive for him.

He got a place at the school he wanted. The tests came and went, and he tried his best (results are still not in, but we aren’t worried about that!). And he discovered a love and talent for another beautiful game, cricket.

He went for one training session, and wowed them with his left-handed bowling and was fast-tracked to the A team! Since then, his enthusiasm has known no bounds! He’s been getting wickets, and making runs too. And the culmination of playing for a good team? Today we are going to watch him playing in his first Cup final!

His father played for the local county, my brother, his uncle, played at county level, and now Lil Man is carrying the cricket torch on into the next generation.

His taster day at his new school was also a success, with him making 5 new friends. There was always a niggle that his size would mean that he could get picked on.  He’s a little pocket rocket, you know! I asked how things were, and he said “Cool! Even my new friends are my size!” The confidence is growing, day by day.

So proud of my Lil Man! Hope all his dreams come true!

And there is a lesson in this. No matter what our worries, or shortcomings, it is vital to always have that dream. Don’t allow those negatives to hold you back, instead, let your hopes and dreams grow wings, and fly you to the heights of success.

Stay safe and have a great Sunday Peeps!

  Wednesday Wisdom

Wise words from Mr Chaplin here.

Good things come to an end… they say, but you know what, bad stuff runs on the same cycle too, if it has a beginning, then there will surely be an end to it too!

Stay positive Peeps!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

So many truths in this! Please read, and then go, smile and BE HAPPY!

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