#SoCS Feb. 1/2020 – Choices

Linda’s #SOCS prompt this week:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “choices.” Base your post on the subject of making small, uneventful choices. Enjoy!

Ham or Cheese?
Oh help me please!
I don't know which to choose.

The pink shirt
 And new blue jeans
But, boots or high-heeled shoes?

Chocolate bar
Or pack of ten
Which one makes more sense?

Wash today
Or blowdry tomorrow
Can't think - I'm on the fence!

Ritu 2020

#WritePhoto – Choices

Sue had a few different prompt photos for us for #WritePhoto this week and this was what I chose…

an old, carved stone whose recesses are stuffed with red and black ladybirds.
Which hole?
You choose
Whenever I do
I always lose
No matter
Which queue
I’ll be
Sure to
Pick wrong
And wait
And end
Up late
So, the choice
Is yours
Just, be quick
Before it pours

Ritu 2019

How Do You Publish? #AmWriting #Publishing

I’m still staying away from that first re-read of my legendary WIP…


But it doesn’t stop me from having plenty of questions about what to do next.

I know I need to give it a once over, or twice, or thrice… you get the gist.

Ideally, then I will have a couple of Beta Readers check it out and see whether it is actually worthwhile and if it makes sense.

Then the next BIG decision is the whole publishing malarkey.

With Poetic RITUals, my poetry book, I went totally self-published. It was almost on a whim that I collated my poems, and got a great cover designed by Chris Graham of The Story Reading Ape Fame, stuck it on Createspace and KDP and bam! I had a book out there!

Poetic RITUals by [Bhathal, Ritu]

I didn’t go too crazy with my promotions, but then I was just happy to have something with my name on it, in print!

(But it’s available here of you want! myBook.to/PoeticRITUals)

Now I want to know which avenue to take with my fiction book.

Authors out there, please tell me… are you independently published, self-published, vanity or traditionally published?

What is your advice?

If I was to seek traditional publishing, who are good publishers to target?

Thank you in advance Peeps!



January 25 – Flash Fiction – Edge

Charli’s prompt this week:

January 25, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that goes to the edge. Consider what the edge might be and how it informs the story. Go where the prompt leads.

“It feels like I’m standing on a knife edge, and I don’t know which way to fall…” Lucy carried on.
“On one side there is familiarity, there are constraints, there’s suspicion, there is the happiness of being part of ‘us’.
On the other, a different way of living, emptiness, the possibility of freedom, not being judged, there’s just me.”
Dr Jones looked at his patient, surprised by the depth of her words. As her therapist, it was his job to listen, and guide her… but did he want to be the one to push her one way or another?


The Next Big Decision

No, not a big decision concerning me, but more for Lil Man this time!

We’ve been through the whole 11+ shebang… and as you know, he didn’t take it. It wasn’t for him, and I feel that was the best decision him.

Now it’s that next step. Secondary school application time! Oh My Goodness! When did he become old enough that we now are applying for secondary school places for him??!!

Now, it’s a minefield out there. There are great schools, some close, some not. There are Ofsted reports to read, opinions to gather, from people whos children attend the schools, to the kids themselves, along with the thoughts of more ‘in the know’ professionals… I get that perk being a teacher, I can get more honest opinions from heads and teachers I know!

We have been advised to go to the open days, not only for the schools we are interested in, but also those that we are not planning on applying to, as you may get a different feeling once you are there, and more importantly, what is your opinion, may not be that of your child, who ultimately is the one who will be going there.

I have at least 4 open days in the next 9 days for us to attend. And I think I’m more nervous than Lil Man is!!! The deadline for the forms is still over a month away, but still, I’m petrified that I will muck something up! 

Added to the application forms, certain schools have additional forms that need filling in too, like your faith schools, or those that have an allowance for talented children in certain subjects. Didn’t I say this is complex?! 

I’ve been checking out the websites of schools. Printing forms and researching dates. The mind boggles!

This one decision could affect his whole life! I sincerely hope he gets the place we decide is the first choice, but the rest is in God’s hands, I guess…

Oh, and sitting there going over these things, I didn’t get to do the work I had hoped to do, for school. But at least it isn’t urgent!

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