One-Liner Wednesday – #1linerweds

“The end of term is nearing… Blooming Marvellous!”


Excuse the back scratcher, cap and card in the background lol!

It is less than four weeks until we finally break up for the summer holidays. The days are crawling by, but filled with all sorts; data, home visits, reports, preparations for the next year, alongside teaching our current classes.

It is always hard to say goodbye to your class. Yes, even the tough ones end up with a little spot in your heart! But when they up and leave before you’re ready to let them go, that can be a little tougher!

We lost one pupil as he was moving to another part of the country a few months back. That was bad enough. Then one went to India on an unexpected trip which he still hasn’t returned from. Not even a chance to say goodbye! Another had to go back to the Motherland due to family issues so we bid another sad farewell…

And last week we were informed that yet another was leaving us early as she had to go with her mum back to their home country to sort out passport issues before she started big school in September. Such a lovely little thing, and she wasn’t even going to be staying at our school, due to family living too far from us.

Monday was full of misty-eyed hugs, and her mother kindly gave us each a bunch of beautiful flowers.

End of year is a wonderful time, seeing how much your class have grown, physically, academically and emotionally, especially at this tender age, but it’s always just a little hard to let go!

Of course, the lovely gifts and cards we get, help to soften the blow! 😉

For Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday challenge!

How do I always manage to make one line into a full blown post, lol! Seriously? I can’t shut up, sorry Peeps!

Day 24 #Loveuary ❤ – Flowers


Valentine’s Day has become synonymous with flowers, or red roses more than anything.

In the lead up to that special day, ten days previous, the shops were full of flower displays. All shades of red and pink were bursting out of plastic buckets, begging to be bought!


Tesco’s display

Now I do love a good flower, a beautiful bouquet, as much as the rest, But I feel sad that exorbitant mounts of money are exchanged for these blooms that don’t last very long, or get chewed by Sonu Singh!

This year I said to Hubby Dearest that a card would suffice. We don’t need the wishy-washy extras! He didn’t listen… but I got a different bloom…


A Chocolate Rose! Perfect! It wouldn’t last any longer than a real flower… I could scoff it in one sitting, but hey, flowers and chocolates combined into one, a great idea!


Remember, feel free to take part in #Loveuary! Just ping back to the daily post, as in this one for today! And if you are at a loss for a prompt, then visit my rules post here for a list of prompt suggestions!

No Mummy, They’re My Flowers!

On Sunday, Hubby Dearest took Lil Man for a haircut, and came back with these…


Not sure what I did to deserve them, and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t covering up anything, just being discreetly romantic!

But no sooner were they in a vase, the feline flower fiend was onto them!


He does love a pretty bunch of flowers, does my WSonu Singh!

Been chewing away at the netting, and petals too! Thinks it’s his God given right!

It’s The Little Things…

It has been nearly a year since this classful of kids and I started our journey together, and things have been good at times, and really rough at others.

They still aren’t easy, by any means, but I am pretty proud to think I have nearly managed my first academic year, with a pretty hard bunch of children… A baptism of fire, it has definitely been!

But it truly is the little things… nearly 9 months ago, I had a particular child who was REALLY hard to deal with. He spat, kicked, bit me, and swore (at 3 years of age). I remember writing about him here.

This week, however, for the 3 days he came in, he ran into the classroom and gave me a flower! Ok, they were dandelions and weeds, but still… how sweet!



Here they are, drying!

I seem to have a habit of picking up little friends in my classes!

Then there are other ‘little things’ I’d rather not have to worry about, from school…


No, I don’t have them, thank God, (I got my mother in law to check me like a monkey chimp being nitpicked by its mother!) but a lovely little girl in my class has them, and she is another one who seems to have an affection for me, and she is always cuddling up close to me!

Not quite the gift I would cherish, so I have taken preventative measures!!!!

Teaching is such fun!


The Petals Secret

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Your petals unfold

Sharing a secret untold

Future pleasure gold

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