June 18: Flash Fiction Challenge – Perfect

Charli’s Carrot Ranch Prompt:

June 18, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that includes good vibrations. What is unfolding? Is someone giving off or receiving the feeling? Where is the story situated? Gather some good vibes and go where the prompt leads!


Pete took a few steps onto the pathway leading up to the house.

After seeing numerous houses, he was hoping that this would be The One.

Positive energy radiated off the property.

He glanced over at his wife, Nina, noticing a glimmer of a smile curling her full lips upwards.

She could feel it too.

Taking her hand in his, they stepped up to the door, lifting the brass knocker.

Nina winced, suddenly, and pulled his hand to her swollen belly.

A kick reverberated against the palm of his hand.

Looks like Junior was feeling the good vibrations, too.

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 179


“Just because you’re happy doesn’t mean the day is perfect, it means you’ve looked beyond it’s imperfections.”

Bob Marley

Thanks, Spidey.

Isn’t this a great thought to ponder upon?

I hope you have a perfect day too. 🙂

Have a peaceful Sunday Peeps ❤

Everything is just perfect!


It’s time to show my thanks to God, the world, the universe, my parents, family and friends!

So what if I don’t have space for a walk in wardrobe, and a spare bedroom to separate the kids yet??!!

I have a house I can happily call a home, it might not be spick and span, but it’s ours, and it’s filled with love, happiness and laughter! (And the odd fight between the kids, but hey, that’s normal, right?!)

Who cares if my bank balance is pretty much nil most of the time?

I am lucky enough to have enough. We don’t starve, our bills are paid, our kids lack nothing… And in time, things will get better!

Why should I lament not going on posh holidays all the time?

Everyone wants a break in some sunny, hot country right?! Yeah, sure, but it’s not a necessity. The time will come when we can do that too. But in the meantime, little visits to my parents, the odd day out, a prospective visit to my brother in Finland in the pipeline… That’ll keep me going!

In time things will change, for the better, of that I am sure. But I am so lucky to have all I do. A roof over my head, food on the table, a car to get us from here to there, the prospect of new job, that I love, (which will improve the above bank balance issue!) 

And the biggest things? I have family, friends and love…. These three things I have in abundance! Parents who support me and love me unconditionally, a husband who I love and respect with all my heart, two kids who make my heart smile, and a family full of support in general.

Friends who, near or far are always there. And I am there for them.

And love… Well if you love, you get love back…. And I’m full of love!

Thank you Waheguru, God, for being behind me every step of the way, for not allowing me to feel down, or negative, and for giving me the positive influences that you have, in my life. Those influences have kept me sane, and made me who I am. In fact, yesterday someone actually said to me, my parents have done a great job, raising me to be who I am today…. And they are right, my parents have done EVERYTHING they could for me and my brother, so after God, my thanks go to them. Love you Pops and Mum! 💜

I feel even more positive that usual, at this stage in my life! I wanted to share my positivity with you all!!

Oh, and the icing on my cake??!!

My darling Sonu Singh chose to come and sit on my lap for longtime cuddles this morning! He NEVER sits on my lap, prefering the end of my bed, and following me around when he’s hungry!!!


You see? Everything is just PERFECT!

 Have a wonderful Wednesday Peeps!!!

Perfect Imperfections

I’m not perfect but
My perfect imperfections
Make me pretty close
Ritu 2015

I’ve been in bed all day. Worrying about something that is out of my hands, but the culmination of which could change my life considerably.

It involves an acceptance, or in essence, a rejection.

But it occurred to me that it’s really up to me how I take whatever the outcome.

If it is a positive, then really, my tension should go away, and I should be able to sleep peacefully at night, happy in the knowledge that I was the right person, the perfect person.

But if it ends in rejection, does that mean that I am not good enough? Not perfect?

Well the above haiku I penned is what I decided. No matter what the decision, for my faults, or imperfections which we all have, I’m perfect for me. 

I’m perfect in someone’s eyes. 

Maybe not everybody’s but I don’t care!

There may be things about me that might not tick everyone’s boxes, but my differences are what make me the person I am, and the way I am, brings much, to many.

So whatever the outcome, I will look in the bright side. I won’t take it as a kick in the teeth if it is not the outcome I wanted, but that I’m standing at the bottom of another learning curve which I will overcome too, and that with a smile on my face!

And if I get the acceptance I crave, then I’ll probably berate myself for not having more faith in myself, but again, it’ll be with a smile!

Be positive Peeps, it’s the best way to be! 

If you’re not, you’ll end up like me today, in bed with a sore head, something I do NOT wish to repeat!

My glass is always half full! Never half empty…

A perfect marriage…


I love this one… It’s so true! None of us are perfect, however much we might like to think, or want others to think, but together, we make a perfect pair!

But I Smile Anyway...

My interactive peeps!

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