Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 398 – Take a Break


“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes… even you.”

Anne Lammot

Lovely quote and an apt reminder, there, Spidey. Thank you!

As I write this, I am aware it’s later than usual, because I have been doing what the quote said and powering down for the week.

It is finally half term break for us teachers and school kids and boy was this term long! For us it was eight weeks of hard slog; settling in the new children, and dealing with a few unexpected situations, but we got through. It is done, and now I have a week to relax and unwind.

What will I do?

Well, there are a few things.

I will switch off, totally, to start with, then I have Diwali to look forward to, as well as a meeting with the local Society of Authors group, and I believe I have a dinner with my girlfriends tentatively planned at the end of the week, too!

But, I also want to get some editing done, too, so that has to be a bit of a priority… after I have powered down for a few days, first, though!

So, tell me, what do you do to switch off?


Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful Sunday, Peeps!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 335 – Chill? What Chill?

25+ Best Exhausted Pigeon Memes | Early Bird Memes, Early Memes, Exhaustion  Memes

Thanks for that Meme, Spidey. It pretty much sums up my feels, right now!

I know I have shared something similar in the past, but right now, this whole sentiment of being a permanently exhausted pigeon hits the spot!

So, last weekend, Spidey and I had a break, as Pops and Mum were down, and we did spend wonderful moments with them, that went far too quickly.

And I am two weeks into my summer break.

Er, and I still don’t feel rested. But then, I suppose, in order to be rested, I’d actually have to be able to stop, for a h

The first week comprised of cricket (what a surprise!), at least 4 days, as well as the visit from my parents, which was lovely, but busy, and emotional too, which is to be expected after seeing each other after a year!

They left on Sunday, and then this past week’s commitments started, with a cricket tournament starting on Sunday, all afternoon, as well as a match on Monday and Friday, plus an eyebrow appointment on Tuesday, and then three visits to hospitals, (not for me, I was designated driver for my in-laws and their apppintments!) Two of those appointments needed them to be at the relevant hospitals early morning, and I had a 25 minute journey to them, followed by another half an hour to the actual appointments, so I was tired. The last one was actually my father-in-law’s cataract surgery, so I was sat in the car for 3 hours, waiting, and reading until he came out.

Friday/Saturday, aside from cleaning the house, and grocery shopping, I also built the garden furniture that we had ordered. Now we just need the weather to change, so we can enjoy it!

I have been shattered. This is why. No real time to stop, and put the breaks on. At least, I haven’t been in school, yet. I have tried, purposely, to stop thinking about work, even though I do end up with emails coming, that are still important ones to act upon, but I have managed to put them on the back burner, so far.

But, my writing mojo has disappeared. I really wanted to use August to do some more writing on book two, but it’s just not there, at the moment. I have sat with my document open several times, but nothing flows. My body and mind are on a bit of a strike, I fear.

Talking of body, my aches and pains are coming back, in the knees and shoulder… it’s not a fantastic place to be.

At least I am snatching time to read, though. Heaven knows I have enough books on that TBR pile, including another fourteen arcs I have a deadline on, to read!

I really must try and slow down… Someone, have a word with Life, and ask it to give me a little break… please!

So, what about you? Do you find it easy to step away from responsibilities, and take a well deserved break?


Wishing you a wonderfully peaceful Sunday, Peeps!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 173 – Recuperation


“Rest when you’re weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work.”

Ralph Marston

Thanks, Spidey!

Yes I’m still on rest mode.

Sat at another cricket match (seems to be the norm for us cricket mums on a Sunday morning!🏏) And realised I hadn’t posted any of Spidey’s wisdom!

The above quote rings so true. The fact I forgot my post tells me I need to still think of me for a little more time!

I’m tired today. Had a late night as I went with my Tootie Frootie girls to watch The Book Club (gigglesome!) and a bite to eat at Nandos (yum, just yum!). But it was a needed break from the norm.

And in other news… I posted my entry off for the First Novel competition… Eek! Only got to wait until SEPTEMBER!!!! I guess the August hols will be spent in a Camp RiNo… (Camp Ritu’s Novel) for me to complete manuscript rewrites!!

And for you, Peeps, my wish is that you remember your ‘me time’ !

Happy Sunday!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 172 – Rest


“How beautiful it is to rest, and do nothing afterward.


Thanks, Spidey!

Yes, I’m still in rest mode, and have really done nothing productive this last week, being on half term too!

Actually, I lie.

I haven’t been creative on my blog, though I have been reading posts and interacting.

I have attended two barbeques (one at ours, one at a friends), been to the cinema, upgraded my phone (new Huawei P20 Pro – it’s lovely!), seen two cricket matches Lil Man played in (he was captain in one too!), taken the kids on two playdates, and watched ALL the available Black-ish episodes! I’ve read books, watched films, and spent time with my children and husband.

And, a biggie… I have decided to enter my novel into a competition. It’s a First Novel Competition, and if successful, I could be represented by a renowned agent, and be published by a traditional publisher! Baby steps, but I have spent an age, the last couple of days writing and tweaking the synopsis, and giving a good brush up of the first 3000 words.

But I have really relaxed. I have not thought about work either, and that is a good thing, as, going forward, it is going to be a really busy last term of the year, with new student home visits, and assessments for the old, report writing and organising for the new year…

One day of relaxation, then work stress will hit again, and I will be back, blogging properly soon too, just not quite yet…


Chillax Peeps, I am!

Happy Sunday!

Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 171 – Relax!


“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.

Sydney J. Harris

Thanks, Spidey!



Did you know I haven’t posted for 4 DAYS!

That is a big thing for me.

I haven’t taken part in any creative challenges, blurted my thoughts out onto screen – NOTHING.

Because I realised that I had to stop, step back and relax up a little.

The quote above is so true.

I am at a crazy time in work, nearing the end of the year, writing reports, preparing for the new cohort who will join in September, Governor’s duties, fundraisers for my School Council and House Captains.

At home, the kids’ demands are increasing.

I need to start my rewrite of the novel. All feedback is in. It has been really good, and productive, but there is big work to be done.

So stepping back from the blog, writing at least, has been good, so far, and I think I need a bit more time away.

I have been physically exhausted, falling asleep way earlier than usual. I needed a break in some part of life, and since I can’t stop working, or being mum, this was where my opportunity came in.

Do you know what I have been doing in the time I’d usually be writing posts?

Mainly… NOTHING! Not even reading, because I fall asleep mid page.

But also being with my children more, and most recently, I have been binge-watching the series Black-ish. Hilarious! I can’t believe I have never watched this before! Nearly finished all 21 episodes of the first series… 3 more series to go!

Recognise when you need a break Peeps, and take it!

Happy Sunday!

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