TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Spring & Cold

TJ’s prompt for his household haiku challenge this week.

Spring & Cold are the words

Or the photo

Notre Dame Fleurs

Here goes!

Spring blossoms bring joy
When the cold weather won’t pass
Nature cheers us up

Ritu 2017

I chose the words for my following two haiku

Runners, Male, Sport, Run, Athlete

Image from Pixabay

Chase the cold away
Get your heart rate beating fast
Spring into action

Ritu 2017


Lil Man this morning at his first match of the season

Crisp Sunday morning
Red ball bouncing on the grass
Cricket season’s here!

Ritu 2017

TJ’s Household Haiku – Green

TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge this week… check it out here.

His prompt photo was

fence paint flaking with geraniums  and the prompt word, Fence.

My take…


Cricket match tension
Batter standing at the green
Fielders fence him in
Can he hit a boundary?
By God, he’s done it! Howzat!

Ritu 2016

Dedicated to my Lil Man, who is completing his first season as a young cricketer!

We Won! He Won! They Won!

Well, the Cricket Cup Final was a huge success for Lil Man and his team!

They batted first, and scored some good runs, then when it came to bowling and fielding, they did fantastically!

So now the Under 11’s team are now the Medway League Cup winners! Go Boys!

So proud!

Here are a few shots of the team, and my very proud Lil Man!


Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 72


“Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams.” – Unknown

Spidey saw this quote and showed it to me, and you know what? It totally suits today, for my Lil Man at least!

A few months back, I had posted about his worries and problems, regarding all the assessment that children his age were (and still are) being subjected to. He was at an all time low. Being pushed beyond his limits was breaking him, and I couldn’t see him like that. On top of that, despite being a cracking little footy player, he was being overlooked, because of his size, in the team he trains with. His confidence was at an all time low. Then there was the worry about which Secondary School he would get a place at. Stress was everywhere.

But something happened.

Things became positive for him.

He got a place at the school he wanted. The tests came and went, and he tried his best (results are still not in, but we aren’t worried about that!). And he discovered a love and talent for another beautiful game, cricket.

He went for one training session, and wowed them with his left-handed bowling and was fast-tracked to the A team! Since then, his enthusiasm has known no bounds! He’s been getting wickets, and making runs too. And the culmination of playing for a good team? Today we are going to watch him playing in his first Cup final!

His father played for the local county, my brother, his uncle, played at county level, and now Lil Man is carrying the cricket torch on into the next generation.

His taster day at his new school was also a success, with him making 5 new friends. There was always a niggle that his size would mean that he could get picked on.  He’s a little pocket rocket, you know! I asked how things were, and he said “Cool! Even my new friends are my size!” The confidence is growing, day by day.

So proud of my Lil Man! Hope all his dreams come true!

And there is a lesson in this. No matter what our worries, or shortcomings, it is vital to always have that dream. Don’t allow those negatives to hold you back, instead, let your hopes and dreams grow wings, and fly you to the heights of success.

Stay safe and have a great Sunday Peeps!


Lil Man is going from strength to strength with his cricket!

He had had only 2 training sessions and played one match when we went to Finland, and my brother took him to the Team Finland Ground, where a match was being played.

He got to play in the nets there, and the Team Finland Chairman looked on.

No one could believe that he had only trained for 2 sessions!

And since then, he has played 2 more matches, and in each of the 3 he has played in, he has got 2 wickets! (6 in total!) And scored 20+ runs in the first two.

The last match, he didn’t bat, as they won before he was needed. (The win helped along by his 2 wickets though!)

But his left-handed bowling is sure taking the local cricket scene by storm!

So proud of my little cricketer!

(Though the washing of the whites, and getting grass stains out is not so much fun!)


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